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BearShare Acceleration Patch 5.0.8


     Category: Internet / File Sharing

Description of
BearShare Acceleration Patch
BearShare Acceleration Patch is an add-on for people who use BearShare P2P file sharing utility to download music, movies, books and any other files. It provides extra functionality and features to enhance download experience of BearShare application: will automatically speeds up the download process and will find the files you desire with far more power than regular searches. The program resumes broken downloads, clears downloaded and erroneous ones and saves configurations from last run and automatically loads it on start-up. Has a user friendly interface and it is a FREE program.


Interface is friendly and very easy to use
Automatically clears downloaded and wrong files
Minimizes into the system tray for faster and easier operation
Automatically resumes paused downloads
Automatically searches for more sources at user-specified intervals
Saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.
Windows XP, Windows Vista
BearShare Acceleration Patch
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Author: Download Boosters
License: Freeware
File Size: 9.4 MB
Downloads: 319

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